January 15, 2011

Daily Devotions From the Dog #1

This scene just occurred between me and my oldest dog, an 8 year old Boston Terrier named Macy.

I listened to her whine for several minutes and then asked,"Why are you so restless?".

Immediately I answered my own question, "You're restless because you're selfish.", whining for one toy over another out of 10, or a snack, or a different sleeping arrangement in bed. Sometimes she whines not for what she wants but for what she doesn't want her sister to have. It's unacceptable for Macy to not control her sister's circumstance and happiness.

The restlessness is common because the selfishness is pervasive. So I pull her to myself, ignoring her demand and begin to rub her and speak gentle words to her. In minutes her restlessness breaks under the caress of love. Love silences the selfish demands and all that is left is calm and comfort. The balance of priorities shift and love prevails. Selfishness fades away when love is so close and so palpable.

I see so much of my relationship with God in these little canine treasures entrusted to my care. It is my own selfishness and petty demands that make me so restless and fretful so often. But there is an abundant source of affection within reach to soothe and calm my every disturbance. God's love is so real and so close if I would simply embrace it instead of ignoring it. Shifting my gaze from myself to Him restores all balance and peace.

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