February 13, 2012

My Eternal Valentine

The very hairs of my head are numbered. (Matthew 10:30)
You capture my tears in a bottle. (Psalm 56:8)
Before I was born, you knew me. (Jeremiah 1:5)
To My Eternal Valentine,
1 -    How could I ever overlook you?  I am merely compacted dust disguised by a thin skin shell.   I appear strong and capable, healthy and young, but it is an illusion.  I am but dust.  At the snap your fingers I would disintegrate into a heap and the wind would carry me away.  As soon as this body floats into oblivion, my soul will return to the One who made me, and I will lay eyes on my place of origin at last, where my soul once was before I lost all recollection of that divine place and your divine face.

2 -    You ordained my existence for glory’s sake.  When my parents had no plan of me, you began your weaving.  To their surprise, you revealed that you ordained a life they had not considered.  You wove and wove, designing my height, my voice, my eye color, and body shape.  You accented my face with dimples. You constructed these short fingers and deep ribs.  Not a detail went unchosen. You are the artist and architect behind what the world now sees as me. 

3 -     You have contrived a master plan and spread the script across my entire life – every hour building a day, every day prospering the plan, with monumental peaks approaching in the coming days and distant future.  You capture my tears in a bottle. Nothing is wasted. Not a moment’s rest, quiet or heartache.  Everything factors into your plan. Your perfect plan will not depart from me until you finish your work.

4 -    You are ALIVE and WELL in my constant company. How can I neglect to acknowledge you every moment?  How can I ponder thoughts of the future while you and the intricacies of your weaving in this very hour are more than I can comprehend with all my concentration?

5 -    You are not deaf.  I have a direct line to your hearing at the mere mention of your name.  I will not fail to come to you in prayer; confident of the power emitted, always surrendered to your sovereignty.

6 -    You make your commandments known.  I will anticipate divine guidance and trust the simple instructions you deliver me.  I will measure my days by how attentive I was to your leading. 

7 -     You are not absent.  Your presence commands my observation. Let me collapse here at your feet forever, for I am dust and what strength does dust have to lift herself? 

8 -     You never abandon me.  I am never misunderstood. I am always someone’s favorite.  These truths grant me inexhaustible gratitude.

9 -     Everything I see with my eyes is in place at the command of your spoken word. It is only by your divine management that the hands of the clock click one more notch, that the sun’s fuel has not yet exhausted, that gravity holds my feet to the surface of the earth so that I do not fly away.

10 -    I am aware that you have numbered my days. I am appointed a day to die.  This is no fearful thing.  My last day will be as intentional as my first, and you did a fine job that day without any assistance.  Your very breath causes my lungs to rise and fall. 

11 -     How can created man not perceive how powerless he is?  Man cannot even command his own heart to beat once more!   What helplessness! 

12 -    Oh Lord, give me a constant awareness of your weaving!  Allow me to perceive all encounters, every conversation, smile and exchange, as an intentional fiber running precisely though your tapestry.  I will take inventory of every moment.  All things carry your signature.  Nothing exists outside of you.

13 -    All that I have is yours.  What have I to fear in this sea of unanswered prayers?  Since the hour is yours, how can the burden of the hour not also be yours?  My desires are yours; you accomplish exceedingly above all that I can ask or think.  My resources are yours; every good gift comes from you.  Do with them what you will.  Help me to release everything at the foot of the cross.  You are trustworthy steward of my worries.  Nothing slips through your fingers.  Keep my heart in this position for I have wayward instincts.

14 -    You always care more, not less than I do.  You always have a greater agenda than mine, which is bringing glory to yourself.  And you are far more creative with the details. Thank you for letting me hitch a ride, a speck of dust clinging to the hem of my Savior’s garment.

15 -    Within your magnificent handiwork, would you appoint a special place for me to shine?  Would you anoint me with the spark of everlasting life that I might always hint at Heaven while I’m here?  If it pleases you, make it so Lord.

My Whole Heart Is Yours,


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Anonymous said...

Marry me

Kimberly said...

Beautifully, beautifully written. So glad you linked to it at the She Speaks Facebook page. :)

Blessings to you as you prepare for the conference! I am so excited about so much...learning more about writing and speaking, meeting other women with dreams and visions similar to my own, and most of all, getting extra time alone with the very Valentine you wrote about here.

See you in a few short months!
K :)